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Financial accountability is of vital importance to people who give to churches and organizations. When you entrust your money to NIM, we take very seriously the responsibility of being wise stewards. We want you to know exactly how your money is being used, because we’re excited about how God is using these resources to advance the Kingdom of God.

There are many churches, humanitarian aid organizations, religious organizations, missionaries, etc., that are doing some incredible things around the world. So why should you give to NIM? We would simply say that if the Lord puts it on your heart to give to this ministry, then we gladly receive that blessing. We are doing what God lays on our hearts to do, and we know He will bring the right people with the right resources to make that happen.

The following list is a sampling of some of the investments we’ve made in others, using the resources of people like you:

  • Continuing Bible education for pastors (Africa)
  • Assistance for students to advance in Bible and English (Colombia)
  • Support for a Brazilian family currently attending a two-year Bible school in the US
  • Support for widows (US and Africa)
  • Donations for digging water wells (Africa)
  • Production of materials for pastors’ conferences (Africa, Colombia)
  • Travel and accommodations for pastors to attend conferences (Africa, Colombia)
  • Hospital and medical bills for indigent people (Africa)
  • Clothing, food, and medical supplies (Colombia, Africa)
  • Refurbished laptops for pastors and students (Africa)
  • Travel and accommodations for NIM staff and team members
  • Youth conferences (Africa, Colombia, Brazil)
  • Encouraging, strengthening and comfort to the church (Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Philippines, India)

We fully believe the places we go and the people we partner with are good soil and are well worth the financial investment.

To contribute to Angie Lassiter’s local & foreign mission efforts, please donate here.

Your one-time gift or your monthly contribution enables us to touch people’s lives in many different ways. If you prefer to donate by mail, please send your check to:

Nehemiah International Ministry (NIM)
PO Box 5071
Concord, NC 28027


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