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In addition to supporting other missionaries, NIM has several missionaries that have come underneath our organizational umbrella. These missionaries raise their own support and partner with us on some of our trips, but they are also involved in other areas of ministry that God has called them into.


Grant Ozment  Grant Ozment 

Grant is the son of Richard and Chandra Ozment, who serve on the Board of Directors for Nehemiah International Ministry. Grant has traveled with NIM to Kenya and Colombia as an effective speaker and minister. He has also been to Bolivia, South Africa, Mozambique, Brazil, and Peru. Grant went on a six-month DTS (Discipleship, Training, Service) trip with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Kona, Hawaii, in 2013. The first three months were spent in reading, studying the word of God, and in worship at the base in Kona. The last three months were spent doing street evangelism in Washington, DC, and then they went on to Dubai, then Afghanistan, and then Turkey. Grant is currently back in Kona, Hawaii where he is taking leadership classes through YWAM. In July of 2014 he led a DTS team for six months. Grant feels the Lord is calling him back to Afghanistan, probably sometime in 2015.


Ansley Ozment  Ansley Ozment 

Ansley is the daughter of Richard and Chandra Ozment. Ansley has traveled with NIM to Colombia and Mozambique and has been a valuable team member and a compassionate minister of hope. She has also traveled to South Africa, Brazil, and Peru. Ansley attended a six-month DTS in Kona, Hawaii in the early part of 2013. Her first three months in Kona were spent in Bible study, small groups, worship, and outreach. Her last three months were spent in Kyrgyzstan. Ansley’s heart is to be a missionary and feels that God has called her to serve somewhere long-term.



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