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Ministries and Churches

Coates Ministries

Coates Ministries Inc. (CMI)

In 1997, Randy and Becky Coates and their two children left their home and careers in Atlanta, GA and moved to Kenya. They immediately took up the task of bringing the Good News of the gospel to the people of Kenya, many of whom had never before heard the name of Jesus. So far, they have planted over 50 churches throughout the country, and are continually training, discipling, and working alongside Kenyan men and women to equip them to do the work of the ministry. The Coates family is living the book of Acts – ministering to the poor, the widows and orphans. CMI also partners with other organizations to drill water wells all over northern Kenya.


Crossroads Church

Crossroads Church in Concord, NC is where I served as Executive Pastor for about nine years. Although I resigned my position in 2011 to begin Nehemiah International Ministry, Crossroads and I have continued to partner together to spread the gospel. Pastor Lowell McNaney and his wife, Jennifer, started Crossroads in 1995 with about 35 people. Lowell’s heart has always been to see the lost saved and to go into all the world, so it just makes sense that Crossroads would turn out to be a growing, thriving church with a strong emphasis on missions and evangelism. They have sent as many as 200 people out in one year on mission trips, and they provide support of all types to ministers and missionaries around the world.

The Refuge

The Refuge

The Refuge is a growing church in Kannapolis, NC that also has a heart for missions and for reaching the world. Pastors Jay and Melanie Stewart started The Refuge in 2004. They have a campus in Brazil that is making a difference in that country, and the people of The Refuge have gone to many parts of the world to help bring Jesus to others.

hes alive church

He's Alive Church

He's Alive Church began in 2013. It was birthed out of a group people who prayed and rallied together to seek God's will and purpose. From its humble beginnings to today, He's Alive Church has been focused on its Mission of bringing life to dead places. There have been many who have trusted Christ as their personal Savior, many who have been baptized, and many lives changed as God has been at work and the church has grown!

modern impressions

Modern Impressions

Modern Impressions is a full service business technology solutions provider serving clients across the Carolinas since 1968. Our mission is for God to be able to use Modern Impressions as an example for other businesses around the world. We are a God First Business, which honors Jesus by serving others with excellence.


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