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What did I learn from 2014?

As we have already entered into the new year, I'd like to share some with you things I learned in 2014 and how those things will help me in 2015. There are 14 points that hopefully they will encourage, inspire and help you in 2015.

1. His Presence - To "be still and know Him," to "wait upon the Lord and know that it is "Christ in me the hope of glory."

2. His Word - is the essential food in my life, it feeds my soul, my spirit and my mind. Without it I fall prey to the enemies schemes and plans. "Those that hunger and thirst after righteousness will be satisfied."

3. Always make quick agreements with truth not lies - there are absolutes in the world and those absolutes come from our Father. Too often we are quick to make agreements with lies, and that affects our thoughts, actions and even our destiny and purpose.

4. Guard my heart - my heart is the wellspring of life, out of the heart the mouth speaks. Do not put your heart out before swines.

5. Take every thought captive that sets itself up against God - how many times do we have to do this? As often as it takes to tear down those strongholds and lies.

6. Be full of grace and truth - it says of Jesus that he was full of grace and truth. It's so easy to be full of ourselves isn't it? We choose not to be full of unforgiveness, harshness and condemnation and lies.

7. To become like a child in the kingdom - notice I didn't say childish, but child-like! To be filled with awe, wonder and amazement of who our Father is and what He does.

8. Who I am in Christ is far more important than a title or position - enough said on that one

9. Always walk in the light - this is a daily choice that all of us have. When we chose to walk in the light it keeps us in fellowship with one another, and it purifies us from all sin.

10. Be courageous in life - courage isn't the absence of fear, but the choice/willingness to walk through the fear. What do we have to lose?

11. Keep growing and learning - when you stop learning and growing you then start down the path of stagnation and laziness.

12. Surround yourself with Godly people - not yes people, not even people that agree with your end-time theology. But people who love the Lord, love you and will speak the truth in love to you always.

13. The simplicity of the gospel - the good news is very simple, and our Father has made it so that everyone can receive this simple but profound truth. We make the gospel so hard that even Jesus can't be saved.

14. Always choose the road of love - the greatest of these is love. By this (love) people will know we are his disciples

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